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cats and coffee

Cats & Coffee

If you are a true coffee lover then you definitely have your own coffee habit. Habits range from the type of coffee you prefer to how much coffee you need in your day. No worries, no judgment here! But have you ever wondered what your coffee habits say about your personality? And to put a fun little twist on things we'll even match your personality to a cat. Are you hyper, laid back, stubborn, calm, crazy, or lazy? Well, just a few short questions and you'll know. Our furry little friends are more like us than you think. Like us coffee lovers cats are picky with the brands they eat, are very stuck in a certain habit, and even turn their tails to things they don't like. I mean when it comes down to it, don't all coffee lovers have an inner cat?

Can you survive Mondays without coffee?
A. Yes
B. No

For you coffee is a?
A. leisure drink
B. necessity

You drink coffee?
A. In the morning only
B. All day long

If you don't drink coffee you?
A. Feel a little groggy
B. Feel like it is the end of the world

When you drink coffee you drink it?
A. Mixed with cream and sugar
B. Straight up as it comes

If most of your answers were option A then you are none other than and American Shorthair. This playful feline is naturally filled with energy. This hyper bundle of fluff is known for its hyperactive personality and its ability to act similar to a dog. In fact, this cat can even be taught to play fetch and go on walks. You are this cat because you do not need coffee to function. You have a natural energy inside of you and you simply enjoy the extra boost that coffee gives you!

If most of your answers came from option B then you are a Persian. This beautiful fuzzy friend is known for being calm and sweet. When the Persian is not sitting in your lap it is laying in some comfy corner napping. You are a Persian because without coffee you do not function. Much like the low energy of the Persian you need coffee to power your everyday activities. In fact, you might even have coffee pumping through your veins at this point!

Overall all there are so many different personalities that make up the complex world of coffee lovers. But in the end it doesn't matter if you are lazy or crazy because what really matters is that you love coffee. You can be an American Shorthair, a Persian, a turtle, or whatever kind of animal your heart desires. We all have our inner coffee animals but the most important thing is that we let those animals out to enjoy our coffee habits in our own way.


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