How to make perfect TESTA ROSSA COFFEE


Our video guide shows you how to get that perfect espresso from TESTA ROSSA coffee beans:
(Here is a link to the full 7 minute version)


Coffee GrinderA coffee grinder is a precision instrument. Inside, there are two metal discs with abrasive surfaces known as burrs that grind the coffee beans to the right size for extraction in the espresso machine. There are two types of coffee grinders: "on demand" and with a traditional dispenser. On-demand coffee grinders dispense doses instantly. They have timers that can be set for one or two shots.

The fineness of the grind depends on the distance between the two burrs, so it is crucial to remember to use the lever to select the appropriate setting. It works by moving a nut in one direction or the other to increase or decrease the distance. In traditional dispensers, the doses are pre-ground. They drop into this dosing area and then they are dispensed with a lever.

To select the appropriate size of the grind, it is necessary to turn the nut. It goes one way for a coarser grind and the other for a finer grind. On the other side, we need to select the right weight for the coffee that will drop into the filter.


Espresso MachineAn espresso machine is an essential piece of equipment for a barista. Inside the machine is a boiler with pipes running through it that contain water from the mains supply. They come into contact with the water inside the boiler at above boiling temperature, normally at approximately 120C. The system is known as a heat exchanger because the water in the boiler heats the water in the pipes.

There is a pipe for every group head and the water goes through the puck of coffee in the filter at 88C to 94C. The boiler is two-thirds full of boiling water and the rest of the space is filled with steam, which you can use with the steam wand to froth the milk for cappuccino.

All espresso machines heat the dispensing group with one of two methods: contact or thermosiphon circulation. In the latter system, boiling water flows in ducts from the boiler to inside the group. When the dispensing button is pressed, the circuit is interrupted and the water is diverted directly onto the coffee puck.


Coffee BlendFor espresso, it is necessary to have a balanced blend of the finest Arabica coffee, possibly with a dash of Robusta.

The constant high quality of the TESTA ROSSA coffee roasting blend is achieved by regular quality controls. Our roasting specialists safeguard the consistent inimitable flavor with constant tastings.


Coffee made by BaristaThe barista must have the skill to coordinate all factors that influence the quality of the espresso.


Coffee Machine MaintenanceAs a barista, every day you must check that every part of the espresso machine is fully operational. On a daily basis, clean not only the filter and the portafilter but also the shower and the back-flushing system.

Ensure that the cups are used every day. In addition, at least once a week lift the grill on top of the machine and clean both the grill itself and the cup rest area. As for the coffee grinder, the hopper should be cleaned at least twice a week with an appropriate spray. The burrs should be cleaned at least once a week with special powder.

The burrs should be checked regularly and replaced after grinding approximately 400 kg of coffee, or 800 kg to 1000 kg for conical burrs.